Screen Printing & Pad Printing

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Celebrating over two decades in business with over 35 years of screen and pad printing experience, Daleeco Screen Printing is located in Northern Colorado. Daleeco takes pride in providing high quality printing at a reasonable cost and is well known throughout the region for providing professional assistance and customized solutions in helping customers decide on the best method to decorate or finish their product. We provide in-house screen and fixtures fabrication, custom color tinting to the Pantone color system and specialized applications for unique shapes and surfaces.

We specialize in:

  • …for commercial
  • industrial
  • military and medical clients.

We have printed a wide variety of products for a diverse client base since 1989, including hi-tech components for the military, NASA, medical equipment and baseballs for professional teams. We love a challenge and would love to discuss your next project or provide a quote.

We also provide graphic design in-house for our clients for need this service.

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